Here is the condition of women of india… not only india but of the whole world… But focusing on India’s women… I am from India and i am always reading,listening and everywhere about women… Their achievements are lesser than the crimes done to them..!! It’s very saddening and hurtful to see this everyday.. Now I am scared of the sunrise because a new day and again a new hurtful basket of crimes against these innocent girls,women.. !!

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yes.. this is the picture of every women victim.. India is still somewhat a “MALE DOMINATED” country..!! it focuses on male’s achievements their glories and their system women are like a third-party..!! If any crime is done to a women in india her mouth is shut the way the above pic is shown.. she doesn’t dare to speak aloud for her protection.. because men have been doing this since a long to them and they aren’t given justice so they think this time too the same will happen.! and thinking of the society which should always play a positive role towards them but neither they play positive nor they support them they instead decrease her level of confidence and blame her for what happened to her..!! the people think that girls and women are always wrong and should be blamed for any injustice caused to them but it is wrong..!! this is the another reason why here girls doesn’t like to take a stand for themselves because they know they have to hear the society’s hurtful talks and abuse.. so better sit and cry for what has happened..!!

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If these words are only written in the picture in the photo and not used in real life then what’s the use !?… Showing a plate of yummy food to a hungry man doesn’t end his hunger..!! this ia applied for the situation of women.. we are living in 21st century but our minds and thinkings are still of 18th century where male were the counter part and not the women..! male were the rulers and women their slaves.. the famous “patriarchal system” was in practice which today also is motivated..!! and dignity of women was always on the sharp side of the knife!! destroying dignity of women at that time and now is considered as macho thing and the men supporting these thing and doing it think themselves as powerful…but one day.. one day women gonna change this!!

Slowly by slowly women in India and across the world are understanding the injustice against them.. they are educated now and know about their rights.. i know there will be that sunrise when women will stand for themselves where they will speak aloud and provoke the govt to take immediate actions for the wrong.. where women and girls will learn self-defence and where women will rule the world.. but no.. not without men.! with them..!! both parties will come together and rule their life,their country,their people.! and yes.. sooner or later this day will come and let us hope it come sooner.. so that we are able to live in the societies where the things written in the Constitution by DR.B.R AMBEDKAR are practiced in real life and don’t just remain in the papers..!! and one day will come “WHEN SHE WILL DECIDE TO START LIVING THE LIFE SHE IMAGINED..!!”


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